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Blog entry by Sipho Ndebele

If you have ever traveled to a beautiful holiday location, it is natural that you would want to capture the sights and the whole experience on your smartphone as a store of memory or maybe to share with your friends and loved ones on social media.

Perhaps a more apt scenario, your little baby has just started walking and you happen to witness those first steps, chances are you would like to capture that precious moment on your smartphone and archive it for the future. This is the ease and convenience of using smartphones in documenting our lives.

Mobile photography is the term ascribed to this phenomenon of using phones as photography tools. It is called “mobile’ because of the device itself, the mobile phone. The cameras on these mobile devices have increasingly become better and more sophisticated over the years, add to that the ever-growing use of social media, mobile photography has become the most important form of documenting our lives and everything that unravels before our eyes.

Since mobile photography is a style or genre of photography, the same rules and techniques that apply to traditional photography (DSLR, film cameras) need to also apply when we use smartphones. A good understanding of lighting, composition and editing can elevate one from a beginner to a professional photographer. If you want your images to look professional or high quality just like the images you see on magazines and top accounts on Instagram you will need to practice regularly, train your eye to understand things like symmetry, textures, and colour theory.

The current generation of smartphones are capable of shooting high-quality images similar to the ones expensive DSLR cameras produce. Smartphones have an advantage because they offer a portable, accessible and easy means to capture images. The portability of smartphones has great advantages as they’re seen to be less intrusive or invasive, the ease of use allows one to capture an image instantaneously without setting up, and this makes for a great tool in photojournalism. This is a game-changer, barriers of entry to photography are minimal. A smartphone in your hands is not only a tool of communication but a powerful mode of documenting stories.

This may be overwhelming for an ordinary smartphone user but for those who want to get the full experience of smartphone capabilities, learning photography would be the right step, there are books and guides to help you understand photography.

Perhaps a more practical step will be to enroll in a mobile photography course as this will help to jumpstart your journey in photography, learning through different assignments and feedback from experienced photographers.

Mastering mobile photography has tremendous benefits, there is demand for quality stock images, small business owners can utilize mobile photography for their digital marketing without spending a huge budget hiring a photographer. In the month of November, we will be launching a mobile photography course, which will help elevate your photography skills and become a better storyteller through mastering different techniques.

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[ Modified: Sunday, 28 November 2021, 3:19 PM ]